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Working with longtime collaborator Dan Joyce, we created a collection of Billboard ads and a film promoting the House of Vans London opening. 

Our approach was to build a set of monochromatic typographic animation frames. These animations were then played out frame by frame as we moved our cameras through the space to create the disjointed film quality. Coupling these animated projections with light painting, dolly-mounted cameras, and ariel drones, we could hint at the potential creative spark and energy HOV would go on to encourage and produce. 

We distorted these giant projections using the interior architecture to build a dynamic set of assets. With the building work still in progress, we worked with CGI to create artistic renders of the proposed space bringing the dark tunnels to life with a glow of light and form.

We used long-exposure light painting to represent the carved lines of the skaters as they navigated the park, blasting over doorways and through bowls. These pulses of energy swept through the park illuminating the surfaces and textures and highlighting the unique forms.

The final film was edited to a bespoke tune by Shawn Savage. He sampled the sounds of trains passing overhead and wove these into this grime classic. 

DOP: Dan Joyce
Photography: James Moriarty
Music: Shawn Savage

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