About Me

I have worked as a designer, creative director, and filmmaker for over 25 years. 

Starting with an early career as a professional skateboarder, my interest in art & design has always been a natural bedfellow to my life on wheels. I co-founded Unabomber Skateboards in 1996 with a group of fellow UK skaters. We built one of the pivotal UK skate brands and opened up the UK and European scene at a time when most eyes were focused on more traditional shores.

My interest in newly emerging design areas led me to co-found Hellicar & Lewis in 2006. As an interactive design studio, our approach was to use Open Source software, art & design to create spaces and interventions that bring people into the moment. I spent ten years creating multi-layered design projects with fellow collaborator and spaceman Joel Gethin Lewis. Our unique approach to building analog/digital environments forged a new path and led to working with some of the world’s largest brands and conducting talks and workshops around the globe.

Today, I still love to skate and am still very much involved in skateboarding, having formed The Skate Society in 2020. A skate brand and community space built to introduce young people to the wonders of The Wood & Wheels and scratch that skateboard itch.

My overall design approach is dictated by an interest in all areas of art, design & performance. My varied experience has led to a holistic approach to building multi-layered environmental spaces by constantly exploring new methods. I am as happy designing graphics as I am creating huge retail spaces, and over the years, I have applied my design skills to create some award-winning design projects.

My approach is the following.
The modern design environment calls for a multi-faceted understanding of ideation and creation, allowing a mix of analog and digital layers to be blended and experienced seamlessly—each layer reinforcing the other to create a solid visual and conceptual narrative.

My process is very much about collaboration. Large-scale projects require diverse skill sets to get the best teams. When necessary, I always look to build groups that enable the best hands on deck. When directing environmental projects, it is essential to create beta versions of any proposed directions to test the possibilities as early as possible. To do this, I have a group of collaborators ranging from architects, technical directors, producers, coders, and 3D designers I have worked with for many years. I have found that this collaborative approach enables a more responsive and informed process when building projects and allows for ideas to be tested through iteration, concrete plans, and testing.

As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

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