Audi Editions

Using code and projections to build a dynamic visual space that expresses the clean lines of the Audi A7

Projected Environments

Using code-based abstract imagery and giant projection screens to generate a collection of moving image interpretations of stories around the Audi A7

This experimental H&L brief focused on creating a collection of films that would act as a showroom teaser for the new Audi A7. The approach used code-generated projections and projected light to bathe the polished surface of the vehicle building a collection of dynamic, moving, reflected images, accentuating the car’s details, surfaces, and textures.

The final films were edited, presented in portrait format, and displayed on large black monolithic screens in Audi showrooms creating texture and a sense of anticipation before viewing a physical model. 

Interaction Director: Joel Lewis
DOP: Dan Joyce
Editor: Sam Aldridge

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