Reebok X Pumphrey

Creating a sculpture for Reebok with Pete Fowler

Reebok Pumps

The request was to build an image uniquely showcasing the famous ‘Reebok Pump’ technology. A classic of the Reebok cannon, The Pump technology is one of the longest-running and most recognisable pieces of shoe tech throughout the late 80s and 90s.

Working with longtime collaborator and friend Pete Fowler we created a 14ft high inflated character called Pumphrey. The floating, whimsical Pumphrey embodied the “Pump” idea in a fun and unique way. Elevated and weightlessly floating through a fantasy landscape Pumphrey was with us for 24hrs, then went the way of all balloons.

The final photograph was printed and shown in Barcellona as part of Reebok’s presence at Bread & Butter fashion trade showcase.

The process was exciting, and the pressure throughout the day couldn’t fail to build as we were all aware that the balloons could pop at any moment! Fun times and fantastic final execution. 

Illustration: Pete Fowler
Photography: James Moriarty

Project Images

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