Welcome to Diesel World

Masters of Denim

As part of Shanghai International Fashion Week, H&L created an immersive layered environment that combined 3D and 2D design, films, and real-time digital interaction.

Working with the Diesel team in Breganze, Italy, we combined three different experiences to make one complete event:

1) A Museum focusing on the heritage of Diesel and an exposition of the current collection

 2) A catwalk show showcasing the new collection collection

 3) A music performance to celebrate the moment

Collaborating with architect Tim Greatrex, we designed and built a series of linked spaces that led guests through the three experiences. Our visual language was inspired by denim looms, the warp and weft of this unique material, creating projection screens that echoed this micro-macro idea.

For the museum, we created a series of lit physical elements that allowed the display and exploration of key pieces from Diesel’s historical archive. We build a layered visual environment using interactive films, projection, integrated lighting and live digital microscopes.

Working with DOP Dan Joyce, we produced a series of films shown in the museum space. These films used macro photography and innovative capture techniques and explored the fabrics, processes, and technical details of Diesel products and the architecture of their HQ in Italy. 

In combination, this layering of elements was presented in a space that allowed visitors to explore the Diesel archive while playing with their reflection, changing the space visually, playing with movement, and amplifying the visitors’ connection with the brand.

Welcome to Diesel World was shown in Shanghai, Tel Aviv, Milan, and Melbourne.

Interaction Designer: Joel Lewis
Architect: Tim Greatrex
DOP: Dan Joyce

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