Divide By Zero

Dance at the intersection of Art, Design & Technology

An Analogue-Digital Dance

For this H&L project we collaborated with choreographer Nina Kov, to create an interactive kinaesthetic and visual journey into the unconscious of a dancer, Catarina Carvalho.

Viewers were invited into a projected performance space. The interpenetration of the body, virtual images, and sound were layered to create a conversation between the physical, emotional, and sensations in the visible flesh.

Inspired by Japanese minimalism, this refined piece used cameras and infrared lights to build a layered performance; each gesture and movement magnified and amplified, making the poetic coexistence of the intimate and the spectacular possible. 

This piece premiered at Laban School of Contemporary Dance on 20th Sept 2010.

Choreography: Nina Kov
Dancer: Catarina Carvalho
Art Direction and Interactive Design: Hellicar&Lewis
Music: Paul Child
Hypnotherapist: Sarah Collier


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