Musical Chairs

Musician, Conductor, Inventor.

Collaborative Music

Commissioned as part of the Generation Tour, Musical chairs was a touring project designed to allow visitors to create, collaborate and enjoy the process of music and sound creation, turning each participant into an inventor, musician, conductor, and game changer. Consisting of seven unique chairs, each fitted with a sensor that, when sat on, creates a unique sound. 

Guests were invited to sit down and explore sounds – voices, rhythms, melodies, and noises from nature. The chairs worked individually, but when participants joined hands, new sounds were created that were a combination of the two chairs, creating an infinite mix of sounds.

“Every chair is unique. Every game is different. Move around and discover how your body can alter everything.”

Programming: James Bentley
Interaction Design: Joel Lewis
Production: Becky Stewart
Hardware: Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith

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