Adidas #mizxflux

Real Time Projection Mapping

Adidas #MiZXFLUX

This H&L project was a fun and unique collection of analog and digital ideas combined to create a connected set of unique graphics, film assets, and visuals generated by the installation.

Adidas invited us to create an installation to complement the launch of their new mi ZX Flux app at their Berlin Adidas Originals flagship store. Adidas had created an app that allowed for individual customisation of shoes using 3D photo wrapping. To illustrate this process, we drew from our studio experience with projection mapping and realtime social interaction to enable Adidas fans globally to participate in the launch.

When users tweeted or Instagrammed using the #mizxflux hashtag, our installation would sample their imagery and projection map it onto the ZX FLUX shoe and a sculptural surface based on the topology of Berlin. Social users would then receive an image tweeted to their account in return – taken by a digital SLR camera installed as part of the installation. 


Interaction Design: Joel Lewis
Technical Director: Andy Coates
3D modeling: Cai Matthews
Photography: James Moriarty
CNC Production: Jack Munro
Programming Team: 
Jonas Jongejan, 
Misha Shyukin, Patricio Gonzalez Vivo 


Project Images

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